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kate adair

I’m from New Orleans originally. As a child I always wanted to be a waitress because I thought it was sexy. That dream did come true. Then I planned to be a lawyer for good or a journalist, but depression halted that and pushed me in the direction of the work I love the most, which is what I do now. I work as an actress in film and television, and take photographs. 

I’ve had a lot of jobs leading up to this point –I’ve slung burgers galore, been a professional nanny, a barista, a research assistant, a dishwasher, a script supervisor on barges. I trained with a Gentleman Thief to learn the art of pickpocketing. I’ve gone undercover to pull a prank on TV and filmed it with eyeglasses with video cameras in them. I’ve taught kindergarteners, been a Fitness Technician, a member of a finesse team of art installers, an art docent to children. I’m still to this day proud of my failed Mary Kay Beauty Business bc it was my first business. I was an Ambassador for Daisy Dukes Cajun Bloody Mary Mix, carrying jingling bottles of Oryza Vodka and Cajun Bloody Mary Mix in the back of my car to grocery stores across the state, letting as many people as wanted to call me Daisy.

Much of my understanding of art is owed to years working as an art model. For over a decade I sat very still for kind artists--and learned how to be still.


PRAYERBOOK FOR THE RELIGIOUSLY TROUBLED : Stills from a  Sci-Fi Angel| Vampire Film by Kate Adair 

|Never let the sun set upon your sorrows|

Cover: Gary Cupcakez

With: Liz Honoré and Maurice Anon

Prints by Art Conscious - Jen Ward


Thanks to Mary Legendre for assisting me, Nelson Gonzalez, an early  model for the show. My actors -Gary Cupcakez, Liz Honoré and Moe Amon. Abby Rothberg and Jesse Bascle, my mother and my brothers. 

Cover Art | Previous Exhibits


PINK | 2017

Never let go of that fiery sadness called desire - Patti Smith

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