Hero Photographs


  1. Dreaming of Chucho

    2018-09-17 18:47:00 UTC


    2018-07-02 01:16:50 UTC

    (photo by Kate Adair, of Christopher Grim, 2018)

  3. Portraits of Singer Songwriter Kris Kristensen

    2018-06-22 17:45:36 UTC

    To follow Kris Kristensen please visit:  kriskristensen.bandcamp.com/releases Pre-release album out now: https://bit.ly//2HpsInA Live recordings : https://bit.ly/2sAUCIP On IG: @amusiciansjourney

  4. Mardi Gras Day 2018

    2018-02-15 00:31:00 UTC

  5. Thinking of the Animals We Met

    2017-07-22 20:50:05 UTC

    Global Wildlife Center, Folsom, LA

  6. PINK:by Kate Adair

    2017-03-22 05:29:00 UTC

  7. Lookbook: HOLLYWOOD THRIFT SALE for ricRACK

    2017-02-12 04:30:00 UTC

  8. Women’s March NOLA

    2017-01-22 00:49:00 UTC

  9. Thanksgiving Day at The Fair Grounds

    2016-11-27 05:25:00 UTC


    2016-10-14 02:33:00 UTC


  11. Cracken–like unleash the Cracken.

    2016-10-01 02:51:00 UTC

    This is Cracken. He is travelling from Chicago. Why lie? He just wants beer, and offered me a sip as soon as he had some to share.


    2016-10-01 00:53:00 UTC

    Jenelle Leigh Campion is an artist in Jackson Square. She comes from Chicago*. For years she lived and worked on Reservations out West (need to ask her where exactly). She spent years in New Orleans with performance artists, improvisers, and musicians doing all of these things. Then went to Cali…

  13. Queen of The High Hat

    2016-09-27 00:24:00 UTC

    She who keeps the kitchen of High Hat on Freret going…this is a passing glimpse of her. Thanks to Chip and the amazing kitchen staff of High Hat on Freret Street who let me work on my homework assignment of Visualize the Edible behind the line.

  14. Take ‘Em Down NOLA

    2016-09-25 01:13:00 UTC

    Saturday, September 24, 2016, New Orleans  Today I went to bear witness to the historical attempt to remove Andrew Jackson’s statue from Jackson Square. I did not know what to expect, nor did I know my stance entirely, however I do know that in the times in which we are…

  15. Party Like a Unicorn

    2016-09-21 04:50:00 UTC

    PARTY LIKE A UNICORN, 4 Sept 2016 Midori Tajiri-Byrd, makeup artist extraordinaire, also known as Liberaunchy (drag daughter of Vinsantos) aka Fearless Captain invited me to parade with Mystic Krewe of P.U.E.W.C. (People for the inclusion of Unicorns, Elves and Whinebots in Chewbacchus) for the 42nd annual Southern Decadence Parade.…

  16. El Dorado, Gion

    2016-06-05 17:23:00 UTC

    Duane and I were coming from Yasaka-jinja Shrine located in Gion, the entertainment district in Kyoto, when we decided to go to go on a hunt for a street mentioned in Lonely Planet:  “If you walk from Shijō-dōri along the northern section of Hanami-kōji and take your third left,…

  17. Kyoto, by the river.

    2016-05-30 16:37:00 UTC

    When I travel so far I shoot mostly with the camera on my phone..sometimes i bring my Diana F+ medium format camera, which has a plastic body and is like a Helga (when I know I am going to be in a lot of sunlight because of the permutations in…

  18. David, mi hermano

    2016-05-30 16:31:00 UTC

    D. in the backyard with Gibbs in front of an unfinished bust my brother Winston sculpted..I have been photographing David since we were little and never tire of him being my subject but he hates taking pictures and told me he’d make an exception for me this one time.

  19. Tatiana

    2016-05-30 16:17:00 UTC

    Years ago, my friend who was then just a teenager was about to get married and asked me to take film pictures as a remembrance of her youth. I was scared because it was such a precious assignment, but cherish these pictures we took and include them here as examples…

  20. Alex in Color

    2016-05-30 16:00:00 UTC

    My cousin, Alexandra, is one of the most interesting people I know– I love these pictures from a shoot I did with her a while back on a playground in Tennessee with my old Canon 35mm film camera. 

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